Separated, squeezed, rocked and rolled

Sat 6 - Tue 9 June

After reaching Hirtshals in good time we proceeded to check in and were surprised to be told that as only drivers could board with vehicles Marilyn would have to leave our vehicle immediately to board separately with the foot passengers. A hasty discussion and decision was made to rendezvous in our cabin once we were both aboard. Sometime later the camper vans and motorhomes commenced boarding a few at a time to be squeezed into extremely small spaces on the vehicle deck.

On the way to the Farore Islands we were extremely fortunate to transit Yell Sound between the Shetland Mainland and Yell and so pick up the track we had previously laid while visiting the Shetland Isles and could now properly carry it further northwards. During the voyage we were rocked and rolled by the North Atlantic swell but despite feeling a little under the weather at times none of us were completely overcome by sea sickness and there was no doubt a strong stomach would be needed if the sea was not being kind.

A welcome respite was had during a few hours ashore for breakfast in Torshavn while the Norrama disembarked passengers for the Farore Islands and embarked those joining for the onward trip to Iceland.

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