Arrived at this delightful rural campsite in rain after a long journey during which our search for LPG had found us passing a filling station with a long queue and finally on a filling station forecourt without any diesel to learn that there were problems with fuel supplies in France genrally. After checking in our problems continued as although our pitches were ‘stabilised’ they quickly became muddy with our foot traffic, the exit route passed over some potentially soft ground and the electricity supply appeared to be suffering from low voltage.

So after assessing our fuel supplies our plans to remain for a couple of days to enjoy the surrounding countryside were amended to get us to a large town and closer to supermarkets in case the fuel supply problem became worse. Sadly we did not have sufficient fuel to comfortably make the German border and we instead opted for Beaune.

We were sure that had we arrived in good weather and without the worry of fuel shortages we would have loved this campsite.

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