The day the road almost ran out

16th May 2017

Having input our destination to the sat nav it confidentially presented us with a route for the trip. Checking with our travelling companions they each had a similar route produced by their sat navs so everything seemed OK. Perhaps there was a clue that we should have paid more attention to in that our road atlas appeared to be missing a road.

Anyway we set off and found a wonderful viewpoint for morning coffee. Everything was going well. Later after coffee we were directed to a well surfaced but relatively small road. Still confident we carried on and entered a small village. Passing a couple of similar sized van to ours we negotiated the village streets which became narrower and twistier with overhanging buildings further encroaching the road. Finally we were through the village but the sat nav show a further 6kms to go before we would rejoin a larger road.

A short discussion with our travel companions resulted in a decision to return to a larger road. As multipoint turns were completed a local driver appeared and informed us the road ahead was perfectly suitable for us. So after another discussion we reverted to the original plan and a further set of multipoint turns were completed. Off we went.

Our initial concerns were proved to be unfounded and a glorious journey was enjoyed by all, complete with a photo stop.

Parque Natural de Las Batuecas-Sierre de Francia

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