Island hopping amongst The Northern Isles

16th April 2019

Spooked by the continuing uncertainly of the shambles that is ‘Brexit’, we decided to avoid the possibility of getting caught up in any associated disruption by travelling as far as possible in the opposite direction. At the time we wanted to make our travel plans the Brexit departure date was just 4 weeks before the date we intended to travel and there was much speculation on the potential impact on ferries to and from Europe.

Despite travelling to both Orkney and Shetland in 2013 we still had unvisited places there on our wishlist. So 2019 seemed to be an ideal time to attend to these outstanding items.

Our plan is to cross from Scrabster to Stromness and spend some time visiting the smaller Orkney islands before sailing overnight from Kirkwall to Lerwick. After just over 3 weeks in Shetland we will return to Kirkwall, stay in Orkney for another week before returning to Scrabster from Stromness.

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